Saturday, January 2, 2010

Love Robot

We've been quite busy over the past few months and haven't much time to update, so we'll be doing so in the upcoming days. Here's a few notes on recent happenings.

Preproduction with "Love Robot" is underway with producer Steve Young, preparing new tracks for their upcoming album to be recorded at Media Recording. Steve Young took time out of his busy schedule to see Love Robot rock out to a packed house at The Crazy Donkey, the Monday night after Christmas. As Steve and the band develop their sound for this new release, watch for bigger and better things from Love Robot. Love Robot is a fusion of Indie Rock, Hardcore, and Pop. Alexa’s voice compliments Jon’s sweet vocal style. A few sprinkles of keyboards bring out a popish element, but the layered heavy guitars, bass and drums give their band an edgier feel.

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